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Freelancing: the fast lane for making money

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Freelancing: the fast lane for making money

Frank Elda
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Want to start freelancing, but you don't know what this is exactly and how to start?

You will learn in this book the 4 stages for building and scaling your freelance business, from your first dollar to the next thousands and more!

Here is what you'll get:

Ground floor: understand the game

Foundations of a business

What is freelancing and why becoming a freelancer

The key to succeeding doing freelancing

First floor: choose a skill

What skills are profitable

Why do people pay for your skills

Selling services with a new skill?

Second floor: selling services on a marketplace

Getting clients



Third floor: making more money

Adding more skills

Your client database

Bundling your offer

Top floor: your own business

Flying on your own

Adding new income streams

Scaling up your service offer

And you will get 2 bonus sections to help you get started as fast as possible!

  • Bonus: list of profitable skills
  • Bonus: list of freelancing marketplaces

Enjoy 😊


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You'll get your Freelance Business Guide: all you need to start and scale your freelancing business.

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