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Website creation guide for creators

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Website creation guide for creators

Frank Elda
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Do you want to generate more recurring revenue from your products or services?

If you are fed up relying only on social media or third-party platforms such as Medium, you need a website!

An online property that you own, not a fragile rented spot on someone else's platform.

With this guide, you will get your website up and running in one day (or less if you are motivated).

A step-by-step process, with videos showing you exactly how to do it.

You won't need to spend hours on Google or YouTube to figure out:

  • How to choose a domain name
  • Which web hosting provider to go for?
  • How to set up a WordPress website from scratch
  • How to monetize your website.

You will choose which website you want to create and why. Then you will learn how to do it

Finally, you will find helpful resources to build your automated money-making machine.

Ready to get more freedom to create by making money with a website you own?

I'll meet you on the other side!


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